Does UL sell their Standards?
You can access UL Standards at

What is a CCN?
The CCN is the category control number. The CCN is an alphanumeric code related to the product category. It is composed of four letters, with or without a number suffix. For example, XCFR2 is the CCN for UL recognized terminal blocks or NMMS is for UL Listed Motor Drives (Power Conversion Equipment). Figure designations: A CCN without any suffix is for Listed products such as NMMS. For example:

  • 2 means Recognized (NMMS2)
  • 3 means Unlisted for USA (NMMS3)
  • 7 means Listed for Canada (NMMS7)
  • 8 means Recognized for Canada (NMMS8)
  • 9 means Unlisted for Canada (NMMS9)

Are there UL Standards in other languages besides English?
No, unfortunately UL Standards only exist in English.

What happens when the product does not successfully go through testing?
A report is sent out after testing. If the product fails testing and thus is not eligible for a UL Marking, modifications will be required to meet the standard requirements. Upon request, UL can provide advice on conformity-related matters around the standard requirements. The product should be submitted to UL again for a new test once modifications are made. In rare cases, we may make a preliminary investigation of the product before it is submitted for testing. Please see the other FAQ regarding preliminary investigations for additional information.

What is the process to get a UL Mark?

  1. The first step is to submit to UL all the relevant product information, such as general descriptions of the product, wiring diagrams, pictures, commercial brochures, etc.
  2. UL associate will respond with a quote within 2-3 working days.
  3. After acceptance of the quote, samples are sent to one the local UL laboratories for testing. Testing can also be performed at your own facilities under UL’s witness testing programs. Please note that we can offer a preliminary investigation before the actual testing. (Please see other FAQ).
  4. If the product is in compliance with all applicable requirements, an initial production inspection (IPI) is performed by a UL field representative to enable you to apply the UL Mark.
  5. An early authorization letter is sent out allowing you to apply the UL Mark on your products and sell them in the United States.
  6. UL will make the edition of your yellow card and the registration of your company in the appropriate directories.
  7. Upon your request a UL Certificate will be issued for promotional use, such as at tradeshows and in entrance halls, etc.
  8. You will automatically be included in our Follow-Up Service program (also called the Mark Integrity Program).

Can someone conduct testing at their own laboratory?
UL and its affiliates have different programs available for testing on-site such as witness testing programs and client test programs.

Will UL accept a test report from another test laboratory in Europe?
For test reports generated by UL’s CCA (CENELEC Certification Agreement) and CB partners, UL can accept the data. This may require a sample and additional testing depending on the different standards used and whether national deviations have been evaluated.

Can CE Marking data be used to obtain a UL Mark?
The CE Marking directives are based on the EN standards in Europe. Only a few of the EN/IEC standards are harmonized with UL Standards. For those that are harmonized, the data can be used if it is generated under the CB scheme or by a third party test laboratory where UL has an agreement.

When can I sell products with the UL Mark in the United States?
You can sell the products with the UL Mark once you receive the early authorization letter to apply the UL Mark.